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The Solid Bar Company

The Solid Bar Company


First things first who are they ?

The Solid Bar Company is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of 100% vegan eco-friendly personal care products based in Oxfordshire. They produce sustainable, plastic-free hair care, body care, children's care, soap care, pet care and even repellent care!

Rebecca Bennett the company CEO has developed a range of highly effective and extremely convenient personal care products for their client consumers for use either at home or on their travels.

These 100% vegan products include: silicon-free and cruelty-free luxury shampoo and conditioner bars; handcrafted castile soaps; skin nourishing body butters; moisturising body lotions; natural and highly effective plant-based balms for nappy rashes and itches; chemical-free soy candles; skin-safe insect repellents; shampoo for canines and insect repellent for equines.

In addition to containing the highest quality ingredients the products contain no silicon, no synthetic fragrances, no parabens, no sulphates, no chemicals, no water, no plastics and are fully bio-degradable.
This ensures that they are not only customer friendly but ocean and planet friendly!

If you are committed like us to earth-friendly organic body products but also actually want them to work and smell good, then we urge you to try the Solid Bar Company products! I hate to admit it normally - I have oily skin and hair - so I was afraid the lotions and shampoos would be too heavy for me, but they are lovely. So far I have tried the botanical shampoo and herbal conditioner and the calendula body butter which all feel balanced to leave your skin and hair feeling moisturised, but not weighted down or oily and they smell AMAZING! We are really enjoying all these products and feel so good about using good and wholesome ingredients! 

I was most interested in trying was the shampoo and conditioner bars!

If you've not used this type of product in the past check out this video from The Solid Bar for directions how to use properly !