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Upcircle Beauty

The UpCircle story started with the idea of giving used coffee grounds a new lease of life. They have now transformed more than 250 tonnes of the stuff into our sustainable skincare. But why stop there? Their soaps give brewed chai tea spices a new beginning whilst our latest arrivals are made with discarded fruit stones. Nothing is safe from being UpCircled!

Upcircle believe in asking the same questions of our beauty products that we would our food products – what is inside, how is it made, who is making it and why are they making it?

1/3 of all food produced is wasted. It’s one of the most wasteful industries in the world meaning that it gives companies like us a huge number of ingredients from which to do better things. Food ingredients can have powerful effects on the body - inside and out – so there’s an opportunity for us to create beauty products from food ingredients that’re being discarded yet still have much to offer our skin.

Upcircle Fennel & Cardamom Soap Bar


Upcircle 200 organic Bamboo Cotton Buds


Upcircle Pamper Kit


Scrub Tube Squeezer Key


Cinnamon & Ginger Soap Bar


UpCircle Clarifying Face Mask with Olive Powder

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