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Upcircle Face Serum & Gua Sha set


Hydrating Face Serum with jojoba, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils.

Use morning and night to help boost collagen and keep skin firm. Rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant-rich coffee and rosehip oils fade dark spots and brighten complexion.

Scented with geranium, rose and lemon essential oils.Also excellent as a hair or beard oil: jojoba oil softens hair whilst rosehip keeps the skin beneath healthy and reduces irritation.

Apply after moisturiser - the serum is 100% oil based, taking longer to be absorbed into the skin. The serum works through occlusion, locking in the hydration provided by the moisturiser by forming a protective seal over your skin.

For all skin types. Certified Organic, 100% natural, vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Gua Sha If you like jade rollers you will LOVE this beautiful Rose Quartz Gua Sha. It's a wonderful tool for easy facial massage.

Use with your favourite face mask to allow smooth gliding and no dragging. Using the Gua Sha in conjunction with your serum can help better product penetration too.

Gua Sha has been used in Chinese, Greek and Egyptian cultures for centuries. 

The ergonomic design means the Gua Sha gently follows the natural curves of your face. The cool quartz and the massaging action helps with lyphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and helping blood flow.

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