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Hibiskiss Solid Bar Hair Kit


Your hair and scalp are rooting for this!

Foamie thought about what you do and don’t need when it comes to washing your hair and came up with its Hibiskiss shampoo and conditioner bar. Your hair will be left with the sweet scent of hibiscus all day long thanks to our cold-pressed formulation.

Here’s what you don’t need: plastic, parabens, soap, silicones. And what you do: hibiscus and nettle extract for stronger strands, a skin-neutral pH, and a handy hanging loop for once you’re done in the shower. All that is packed into this easy-to-hold bar that massages, cleans and cares.

-Packing a Punch: With hibiscus and nettle extract.Intensely repairs. 

- No Nasties: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 0% Soap, 0% Colouring, 0% Sulphates, 0% Silicones, 0% Microplastics

- Hang me to dry: No more shampoo bar sludge in the soap tray!

Foamie Travel Buddy: No space to hang up your shampoo bars and conditioner bars, but looking to take them with you on your travels? Meet the Foamie Travel Buddy. 

The Travel Buddy innovative travel box with removable shelf helps to keep your bars separate from residual water, extending the life of your bars. The lid has a silicone seal which is 100% water tight, and the entire product is made from 80% wheatstraw and 20% recycled material.

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