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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Mushrooms


Rose quartz Gua Sha mushroom

Invigorate tired eyes with a healing Gua Sha massage to rejuvenate delicate skin, soften tension around the brow bone and calm the mind for the day ahead. Made with responsibly sourced Grade A Rose Quartz, these Gua Sha Mushrooms have been hand shaped by an artisan crafter to hug the contours of the face. 



If you don’t have a lot of time to Gua Sha these are so perfect as you use them in sync with each other on either side of the face. They are so incredibly relaxing. When you have those nasty headaches which like to creep up on you these really ease and calm the pain. As well as reducing puffiness around the eyes. They work perfectly for this when kept in the fridge beforehand.


  1. Begin by ensuring the skin has some “slip”. You can use the mushrooms in the shower or bath using water, as part of your cleansing massaging over the cleanser, or after your skincare once any oils or serums have been applied. We recommend an Elemental Herbology serum.
  2. Begin by opening up the neck and glide each mushroom downwards from the jawline to the collarbone. It’s important to note that each movement is done with light pressure.
  3. Work this around the neck and repeat 5-10 times
  4. Start at the chin with both mushrooms touching in the middle. Glide these in sync with one another outwards towards the earlobes 5-10 times.
  5. Repeat this step moving up the face until you get to the orbital bone (just below the delicate skin under the eye) Note: Wherever you start with this will be your finishing position.
  6. Circle the mushrooms around the orbital bone out towards the temple over the top of the eyebrows and down over the bridge of the nose back to the starting position. Repeat 5-10 times.
  7. To finish the cycle, hold the two mushrooms together at the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrow and glide out towards the hairline, repeat this upwards until you get to the top of the forehead and repeat 5-10 times.

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