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Tatti Under Lashes- Vibe Check


Pass the VIBE CHECK in NEW full & fluffy 3D Faux Mink Under Lash. A must for creating a dramatic look, they offer extra volume to maximise your bottom lashes. Includes adhesive. 

How to apply: 

  1. Gently pick up the Under Lash cluster by the base
  2. Dip the base in a small amount of glue and allow 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky
  3. Position the lash very close to your lashes (or in-between your lashes)
  4. Hold cluster down until secure
  5. Repeat this with as many clusters as you like until you have reached your desired look

*TATTI TIP* Dot Tatti Lashes Brush On Adhesive along the lash line to map out your look. Helps to speed up application time & be more accurate with your placement.

Re-usable up to 15-20 times (if cared for properly).

Perfect for: Under Lash, Individual Clusters, Glam, Dramatic

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